Who we are

Marlo was founded in our pursuit for the freedom we experience outdoors. A sense of freedom that to us remains unrivalled. Our summers are spent on the coast and winters in the mountains. With this in mind we set out to develop products that inspire people to get outdoors and expereicne the environments and activities that have bought so much joy and freedom to us. We are dedicated to providing people with the inspiration and products to flourish outdoors.


Our Nourish Bar

We set out to forulate a real food bar, designed for function and performance in flavours that taste amazing and are easy to digest. Our Nourish Bar is a fast and light carbohydrate rich fuel source, produced using our unique cold pressed process, whereby all the whole-food ingredients are mixed and pressed together with no added baking to retain our bars optimal nutritional profile. This sets our bar apart from others who bake their products, burning off the bars nutrients. It’s plant based, gluten free and contains a powerful blend of clean and certified organic ingredients to keep you moving. If you run, swim, cycle, ski, snowboard, trek, surf or just enjoy your time outdoors this is the perfect on-the-go snack for you.

Coral Conservation | Tahiti

One percent of profits each year are donated to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment. Around 75% of the world’s coral reefs are facing threats from pollution, overfishing and global warming events. This year the funds will help a small conservation project in Tahiti plant and grow resilient coral to restore dying reef.