Questions & Answers (Sunscreen & Zinc)

How do I get maximum surf time out of my Marlo Tinted Sunscreen?

Can I apply Marlo under my eyes and to my forehead?

How often should I re-apply Marlo?

How do I remove Marlo from my face?

How do I remove Marlo from my clothes?

Can I take Marlo into the water?

I left my Marlo in the car and it melted – can I use it?

Does Marlo contain nanoparticles?

Does Marlo come in different skin tones?

I have sensitive skin can I use Marlo?

Should I patch test before use?

Question & Answers (Nourish Bar)

Are your ingredients sourced in Australia?

Why go to all the trouble to eat healthy?

Why Gluten Free?

Do you use locally sourced natural ingredients?

Low G.I. What does it mean?

Are Nuts and Seeds good for you?

I find your bars not hard to bite into, how come they aren't as hard as most other health bars?

Can Your Wrapper Be Upcycled?


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Australian & New Zealand Shipping

Do you ship internationally? (Yes, Min Order $79.95 Free Shipping)

How long do orders usually take to ship?

Why am I having trouble with my tracking number?

I ordered the wrong items. Can I change or cancel my order if I've already submitted it?

What is your return policy?

When will I be refunded for my return?