A little about us

Who We Are

Marlo’s founders are a team of athletes and adventure enthusiasts from Sydney, Australia with a passion for everything outdoors. Our summers are spent on the coast and winters in the mountains. The outdoors has been our place of peace, passion and where we have created many memories with friends and family that last a life time.

Marlo provides product solutions to enhance your time outdoors in alignment with our three verticals. Protect: Provide protection from the elements faced outdoors. Replenish: Replenish your body with appropriate hydration & nutrition. Conserve: Conserve the environments we love through conservation and sustainability efforts.

Conscious Sourcing & Manufacturing

We believe we are equally responsible for the environment and have sourced our ingredients, packaging and manufactures consciously taking into consideration our carbon foot print and the lifecycle of our products.

Coral Conservation | Tahiti

One percent of all profits are donated to conservation and sustainability efforts that protect the environments we love. From sea to summit and everything in-between. This year Marlo will be funding a small conservation project in Tahiti that will assist the rejuvenation of coral reefs. Coral reefs are home to millions of fish and help form some of the top surf waves we adore around the world. Unfortunately these reefs are under threat due to the increases in ocean temperatures causing mass coral bleaching events around the world. Marlo aims to contribute to this cause through our 1% for the ocean initiative focusing on coral plantation and rejuvenation.